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Athletic Releases a few Match Dates and (GASP!) THE HOME OPENER

So yeah, that whole post about not seeing the schedule for some time...well I may have been slightly off. Today, clubs around USL announced their home openers and we were able to get a nice look through of what the beginning part of HA's schedule will be like. Obviously, with Dillon stadium scheduled to wrap up construction in early May, Athletic will have to start the season on the road for a few weeks. Below are some of the dates released today:

March 9 - @ ATL

March 23 - @ Louisville City  

March 30 - @ Indy Eleven

April 12 - @ Pittsburgh Riverhounds

....and then!!!

Incredible. I'm getting goose bumps right now thinking about May 4th. Picture it now folks, the weather is just starting to get warm in CT, the air is starting to smell like summer, the food trucks are revved up, the beer is flowing and we all congregate near Colt Park to celebrate the opening of Dillon Stadium. Sheesh...I need a moment....

But seriously, this is exciting. It's all tangible, it's ALL HAPPENING. Not to mention we get to play a North Carolina team... hmm.... I'll say this, if I were a betting man, and I am, I'd take Athletic in a romp, say 3-1. More to come when the full schedule is released, but this is exciting. Mark your calendars now.

Ps: Love the chance to ruin 4 home openers all against strong sides with decent supporters. Might be worth making a trip down to Louisville on 3/23...

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