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Athletic Supporters To Be Fittest in League

Supporters are using quarantine to whip themselves into shape led by our fearless team trainer Lukas Kruel. Athletic hosting instagram live workouts every Monday & Wednesday at 6pm. Requiring no equipment these 30 minute deep burns are getting the Hartford faithful to shed their winter lbs. Whenever this quarantine ends and the season starts, be assured that the best supporters in the league will be ready to go the full 90 for the boys in green.

Big stars have also made a splash on the instagram live workout scene with the likes of CT's own Rob Stone, Men in Blazers Davo, and the voice of the EPL Rebecca Lowe. Even with the season suspended the club continues to surprise and engage fans.

This bodes well for the season as supporters' fitness will be at an all-time high ready to jump, sing, scream, and drum for the full 90.

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