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Breaking News: Logo Drops Tomorrow (12/6) at 10:30 AM

Per twitter today, Hartford Athletic plans to drop their crest tomorrow at 10:30 AM!!!!!!

The club tweeted this out at 3:06 PM today, and gave us a small sneak preview of the club's crest. From what we can tell it looks like the club went with a traditional donut design – with a blue border & white lettering. From this sneak preview, the top of the donut will read "Hartford" while we undoubtedly assume that its bottom will read "Athletic."

From the information known at this time, it appears that the club is heading in traditional direction with the crest by using the basic donut pattern.

Stay posted tomorrow morning as Whale City FC will have initial reactions to the crest and presumedly merchandise (as we speculate this will also be dropping tomorrow alongside the logo).

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