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Dillion Stadium Renderings Updated

In the aftermath of Monday's groundbreaking ceremony, the Club released new renderings of Dillon Stadium. As you can see below, it looks like there have been some tweaks made to the original artistic drawing of the stadium.


Updated version released Monday:

A couple of key differences I noticed (aside from the updated branding):

1) Alright folks let's address the elephant in the room right away: They have eliminated the small supporters-stand behind the goal. Not going to lie, this is sort of a bummer. To have 500 of the most raucous fans right up against the end-line was certainly going to give the Lads a bit more of a homefield advantage. However, sources tell me that the North side terrace, where the stand was supposed to be, is now going to be a beer garden which (I'm assuming?) is represented by the tents. If this holds up to be true, it would be an awesome and unique alternative to a permanent supporters stand at that end of the stadium. I also feel like, with the stand gone, the food truck corner of the stadium becomes a bit more accessible and larger. Ultimately, I think the standing terraces/beer garden right up against end-lines should still provide many fans a unique viewing experience. The open terraces could also appeal to families with young children who would like to move about rather than be cooped up in the stands.  So what happens to the supporters section? I'm hearing that the Club is making the East stand (closest to the highway) GA, which means the armory can pack that side of the stadium if they so choose.

2) Next, it looks like they have upped their light game! The latest drawing has reduced the candle count from 6 malnourished light towers to  4 fully professional looking towers (I know nothing about light towers...) This makes sense though since they had to remove the 6 legacy light fixtures that had been put in at Dillon decades earlier. I'm guessing this was all done to meet league broadcast standards and should provide an optimal viewing experience.

3) It appears the press box and concourse of the main stand has also been upgraded in the new renderings. Again, I'm guessing this is more in line with league norms and will be more accommodating to press and fans alike.

4) It looks like the scoreboard is much more basic in the new rendering. Not sure if this is just an artistic representation or a cost reduction measure. If it is the latter, I suppose this is a bit disappointing. However, scoreboards are the last on my list of needs and I assume upgradeable over time. With everyone on their smart phones and social media, replays shouldn't be hard to find if the Club's social team is doing their jobs...

...All in all, it appears there's been a bit of tightening up as it relates to the Dillon's final design plans. My takeaway is that clearly some of the original structures got sacrificed as the cost of more of the plumbing (Lights maybe?) ate at the budget. Despite this, I think there's tons of optionality on how to expand the stadium in the future, and in the mean time we get a beer garden and a food truck court...things you don't see at major pro stadiums across America.

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