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Red Star Conspiracies: From Russia with Love?

Let's face it. It's a been a couple days since the logo drop and we all want to know what that red star stands for. With no word from the club and no explanation expected to come, here's a compilation of the best, worst, and funniest theories that the internet have thus provided to date.

The Best:

"New England's Rising Star"

This has been one of the most popular fan picks (included our very own El Dulce). This was a joke at first but recently has started to gain some traction. For those of you who have never driven into Hartford on 84 or 91, this is of course in reference to the ad campaign that plagued the areas billboards for years – a subject of endless mockery by locals and passersby alike. Regardless of whether this is actually the reason for the star, it's safe to say that the ad campaign did something right leaving such a lasting impression on everyone – heck, why shouldn't Hartford be the Rising Star of New England?

"July 17, 1960: Red Star Belgrade vs. Bangu (Brazil)"

Now this was one of the most obscure conspiracies out there, but "claybraham_lincoln" makes his case for the star coming from a historical matchup that took place at Dillon Stadium on July 17, 1960 between Red Star and Bangu. Read his thoughts on it below:

This was truly some amazing historical work! I have to say at first I was skeptical when I first read this post, but sure enough the facts check out.

Here's a link that has the International Soccer League's table, matches, & fixtures from 1960. If you were wondering how the league finished, Bangu went on to defeat Kilmarnock (Scotland) in the final 2-0 to win the title (in dominant fashion I might add).

Who knows maybe this match left its impression on someone involved with the club and sparked the campaign to bring pro soccer to Hartford. It's almost so far fetched that it might just be true...

The Worst

"Carolina Hurricanes' Stanley Cup Victory"

This was by far the most sickening explanation of the star. It left an awful taste in mouth and I couldn't resist the urge to scream at the comment through the computer screen. This theory was fittingly started by a "madman" (Reddit username: madman1101 to be exact) and spread by trolling North Carolina FC fans.

This only adds fuel to the fire, for there is no love lost between these two states after the backstabbing of '97. Every time North Carolina FC comes into Dillon Stadium, they'll wish that hockey was never played south of Washington D.C..

The Funniest

"Beer here! I'll have a Heineken"

Hey you never know, maybe the design team are just big beer guys!

"From Russia with Love"

Russian hackers are talented – Hartford Athletic should consider upgrading its firewalls.

"Marketing Overkill"

Classic marketing team trying to oversell their brand, am I right?

Comment below your favorite red star conspiracies & what you think it means!

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