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We may have to wait a bit longer for HA's schedule...

As some of you may have noticed, USL has released its League 1 schedule but has yet to release its Championship schedule. So what is the hold up? A report today from the athletic discusses the issues concerning the USL's Ottawa Fury. If you're interested, the full report is a very good read, but the long and short of it is: Ottawa is being forced by CONCACAF to leave USL Championship and join the newly formed Canadian Premier League. FIFA Rules suggest that a club can only play in a cross-border league under exceptional circumstances and that this action must be approved each season by FIFA. Basically, what FIFA is saying is that Ottawa's situation is no longer exceptional. With the formation of the CPL, Canada now has a viable tier-2 option and Ottawa is required to join that. What does this mean for us? Well, this, coupled with the ongoing labor negotiations between the USL and newly formed USLPA, we shouldn't expect to see a schedule released any time soon.

On a more macro-level, this development is interesting as it relates to league structure across the continent. Could the MLS Canadian teams be forced to join the CPL if it proves itself to be viable and a tier-1 league? What does this mean for the proposed Mexican/MLS hybrid league that was discussed earlier this year? Ultimately, the dominos that could fall from the enforcement of this rule could be intriguing for USL in a much broader sense.

As for the here and now, if you were hoping to start planning your trips to Dillon, you may need to wait until 2019.

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