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We Stink.

Look, Hartford Athletic stink right now. 0-8 on the trot. Three straight games of giving up four goals. Barely can play 5 minutes without conceding. We stink. Why do we stink? I don't know. Our back four can't keep any shape regardless how good the opponent is. Our midfield is totally disconnected from our back four and provides zero width or pressure. And our forwards our on an island miles away from the action. Those are a few simplistic answers, but none of them are wrong. Also none of them matter. Frankly, how we got to 0-8 doesn't matter either.

We've got an opportunity this week to make a stand. To take what's been a downright dreadful start to our inaugural season and create a great moment. People of Hartford need to come out next Saturday against Charlotte and be proud of what they see on the pitch.

It's not going to be easy. I'd probably mark our projected win total at 0.5 at this point. But what happens 30 games from now and what happened 8 games ago JUST DOESN'T MATTER. All that matters is that the lads are coming home, let's be there to greet them.

Saturday May 4th 7 pm, at the Rent. It's HOME game week.

Hartford till I Die.

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